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    Think Big Start Small

With SLSB Leasing an individual or an entity can acquire a loan to buy equipments for income earnings or invest in cost savings activities.

Equipment's to be leased

  • Plant and machinery.
  • Vehicles.
  • Equipments

Recondition and used items may be considered subject to

  • Remaining economic of the assets been more than the lease period
  • satisfactory condition and valuation reports from the certified technician
  • Acceptable to the bank in the respective field.


Categories of lessees

  • Co-operate entity.
  • Small and Medium enterprises.
  • Micro enterprises.
  • Sole proprietorship, partnerships ,Private sector companies.
  • People companies and cooperative societies.
  • Individuals.


General eligibility criteria for lessee.

  • Should be a cooperate business entity/ professional/ person operating a registered business.
  • Should have sufficient and positive cash flow to pay the lease rental.
  • The individual- proprietary / partner/ shareholder/ Director.
    (a)    should be a citizen of Sri Lanka.
    (b)    Should be in the age of 18-55 age group(majority of the members)

For vehicles further conditions are applied.


The benefits are under Sri Lanka Savings Bank Leasing

  • Lowest interest rate.
  • Efficient and personalized service.
  • Flexibility with the customer requirement.
  • Maximum can be taken up to 50 million.


Required document to apply for SLSB Lease

  • Duly completed application
  • Photocopy of National Identity Card.
  • Pro- Foma invoice.


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